Resilience & Commercial Awareness Training

Our intensive Professional Skills Bootcamp training programme is designed to produce well-rounded team players who demonstrate an outstanding work ethic, resilience and leadership potential in the professional workplace.

We equip students with a series of highly practical Essential Professional Skills, greatly enhancing their commercial awareness, problem-solving skills and ability to communicate confidently in all business environments with clients and colleagues alike.

We work actively to achieve social mobility through our life-changing professional work-readiness training for university graduates and school-leaver apprentices. We express our commitment to widening participation in the UK through our own Social Mobility Full Scholarship Awards.

We are able to deliver a more diverse talent pipeline to top UK employers as we reach out to those who often fall outside of traditional recruitment channels, especially with regard to talented students from lower socio-economic backgrounds and social mobility ‘Cold Spots’ across the UK.

In addition, we actively promote gender-balance, with 2018 being our ‘Year of Women in Business and Industry’. We are currently completing a series of Inspirational Professional Profiles across all sectors with practical advice to work towards gender-balance throughout the professional workplace.

Senior figures from a diverse range of global companies, from The London Stock Exchange Group to Electronic Arts, are contributing to sharing their career experiences to inspire a generation of women entering the professional workplace. We would love your company to be involved!


training in the skills most needed by employers

We put candidates into pressured environments where they have to deliver results for corporate clients. Throughout the Boot Camp experience we guide, train and review every step of the process to coach academic students to understand adjust to the different demands of the commercial world. The programme culminates in practical testing under challenging commercial conditions.

Our Professional Bootcamp puts students through a gruelling two-week experience that will equip them to make the most of the opportunities employers provide. The intensive training experience gives students invaluable preparation for working life in the fast-moving, global professional workplace.

Camps run in the summer holidays and are aimed at students before and after their first or second year at university, or during their final two years at school.


Vitally, the whole programme is designed and delivered with industry. This experience is the ultimate work preparation for school-leavers and university students who have already gained the academic specialist subject knowledge needed to enter their chosen profession.


The skills learned during this programme are beneficial to all graduates entering the workplace from engineering to law, pharmacy to financial services, or any other professional environment.

The Graduate Gateway began with a unique global vision to create an internationally recognised standard in professional work-readiness that is trusted, valued and referenced by companies around the world. The goal is to provide inclusive, relevant, cross-sector training to all students before they start their working lives to enable them to have the Essential Professional Skills required in the


Our mission is to prepare all students with the transferable skills required to succeed in professional level employment so they can add value to the companies that invest in them from Day One.

This includes equipping graduates with a working awareness of cultural differences around the world and how to engage respectfully and productively with other cultures.

We all for all graduates and school-leavers to enter the working world having been trained and tested in the following key areas:

  • Enhanced Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Workflow Management –‘How Not to Make Mistakes’
  • Teamwork, Leadership Professional Communication
  • Inter-Cultural Business Communication for a Global Workplace

The Graduate Gateway Bootcamp is a deliberately demanding practical programme in which students are taken far outside of their comfort zone, where they experience the realities of delivering commercial projects to real-world clients.

Our aim is to teach students to think clearly under pressure and so we nurture an atmosphere of calm professionalism under demanding, time-restricted commercial conditions.

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