The Programme

Confidence. Commerical Awareness. Critical Thinking

Well-rounded team players with outstanding attitudes and practical skills


We equip students with the skills and the attitude to be ready to invest the most into the highly-prized trainee schemes offered by top employers. Employers who hire Bootcamp graduates will receive a series of valuable company benefits. Companies can expect the following transferable skills from students who have been through our pre-employment training:

Team Working Skills

The nature of most academic assessment means that students have learned to work as individuals to achieve their individual Degree Award. Bootcamp transforms candidates to understand the fundamental need to work as team players in a cooperative environment to achieve team goals. Communication Skills for the Professional Environment

The ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of professional communication in the workplace are usually learned over time in a largely unstructured manner, with mistakes along the way. Some of these mistakes can be costly and are avoidable.

Bootcamp provides systematic training in effective communication skills for the professional environment. Gateway Graduates can be expected to communicate in an appropriate, engaging and effective manner in the workplace.

Commercial Awareness

Our unique training programme is designed to bring about instant awareness of the financial realities of the working world. Regardless of the profession graduates enter, the Gateway Bootcamp instils them with a core understanding of working within budgets, achieving financial goals and accountability to stakeholders.

Inter-Cultural Business Communication for the Global Workplace

Gateway Graduates understand the how important it is to be able to work across cultures, as technology draws the world ever closer together and opens new business opportunities.

Bootcamp equips candidates with vital skills to communicate effectively with key international cultures. Training is followed by testing in commercial environments with natives of other cultures from business and government.

Enhanced Judgment and Decision-Making

Gateway Graduates come equipped with a working understanding of how to make better decisions and how to avoid common errors in professional judgment.

Candidates are trained in the use of a ‘toolkit’ for enhanced decision-making that will add value to any organisation from Day One, as our graduates display enhanced judgment through the application of solid, methodical reasoning skills.


Workflow Management (or ‘How Not to Make Mistakes’)

Gateway Graduates are trained to manage their workflow through a tried and tested systematic approach that will ensure they carry out their work with a thoroughness that usually takes many years to learn. This approach to workflow management can be applied across all sectors to achieve enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

Presentation Skills

Bootcamp Graduates will be trained in delivering professional, engaging presentations. This includes knowing how to present their ideas clearly in meetings, how to pitch concisely to industry panels and how to present confidently to larger groups under pressured situations.


Managing Constructive Criticism

Many employers recognise the challenge that graduates can face when they first encounter commercial setbacks or constructive professional criticism and this is something that is addressed directly during Bootcamp to produce more robust candidates.

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