Apprenticeship Boot Camp

A Diverse Pipeline of School-Leavers

with Excellent Work Skills and Solid Commercial Awareness

Well-rounded team players with outstanding practical skills

The new Apprentice Levy has opened up huge opportunities for school-leavers and employers.  Our Apprentice Boot Camp (ABC) has been designed to provide a highly effective intensive skills training programme, equipping students with the skills and the attitude to be ready to invest the most into the professional Apprenticeships offered by top employers.

The Apprenticeship Boot Camp (ABC) provides:

1. A further source of diverse and talented candidates coming on to your radar

You will be eligible to receive full and free access to the Gateway Recruitment Platform (GRP) – a live database of Yr 12 & Yr 13 school students who have received intensive practical training in Essential Professional Skills. The Gateway Recruitment Platform showcases strong candidates who may not have already applied directly to your  Scheme.

2. Independently assessed candidates through extended observation and testing

All students on the database are independently tested and graded against the character qualities and Essential Professional Skills that you value most in candidates for your Schemes.

3. Increasing Diversity – In our inaugural year, we are designating 2018 as our ‘Year of Women in Business’

We would love to showcase inspirational profiles of your employees that speak to all students from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds entering the professional workplace. In this way, we can promote our shared values on encouraging diversity. In our inaugural year, we are designating 2018 as our Year of Women in Business. Here we will have a special focus on real-world successful career women across all sectors.

4. Free online advertising and outreach for employers

Promote your Apprenticeship Schemes and special events to the most motivated School Leavers in the UK.

5. Be a Dragon!

Your company will be invited to sit on real-world judging panels showcasing elite students with talent, creativity and commercial awareness.

Additional Bespoke Commercial Services

Pre-Season Bootcamp tailored to your needs

We are also able to deliver specially tailored pre-season training events to prepare the candidates you have already selected for your scheme. Bespoke Pre-Season Bootcamps are offered as an additional commercial service and fees are available on request.

The immediate benefit is that they will come with a skillset to hit the ground running. The longer-term benefit is that they will be trained to with a mindset to make a much longer-term commitment to the company who invested in them throughout their Apprenticeship Professional Training Scheme.

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