Social Mobility Scholarship Awards

One Nation – Social Mobility Scholarship Awards

Increasing Access to Graduate Schemes and Apprenticeships

 Our Vision for a Fully Inclusive One Nation Britain

To provide the means for all students in the UK to access a world-class employment preparation programme that is designed to train, to inspire and to showcase their talent by placing them on the radar of major employers in the UK.

Our Commitment

We are able to provide employers with a more diverse talent pipeline through our self-funded scholarship programme, in which students from lower socio-economic backgrounds are offered full scholarships to our Bootcamp.  Scholarship students who successfully complete the course are then entered onto our live Gateway Recruitment Platform, available to all employers who wish to receive entries that specifically support student mobility.

Our Invitation to UK Companies

Our next goal is to achieve matched funding for a further 25% of all places on our Professional Skills Bootcamps throughout the UK. Support for any places at all would help to meet our shared objectives in incorporating the values recognised through the Social Mobility Index. We provide an effective partnering solution for organisations to further extend their outreach activities.

In particular, we offer a partnered route to regional outreach in social mobility cold spots through skills training workshops, flagging strong scholarship students for consideration in your recruitment pipeline.

Please note that we stress that it is no way mandatory for businesses who recruit from our socially diverse talent pipeline to offer any financial support to the programme. Finacial support for Social Mobility Scholarship Awards is entirely voluntary and we apply no pressure at all in the regard.

50/50 by 2020

Our first goal is to achieve 50-50 by 2020 in terms of the proportion of full scholarships available to promote an equitable society that actively provides the skills and the inspiration to reach those who currently are not reached.


Scholarship Award Eligibility Criteria

Full scholarship awards are offered to support diversity and social mobility on graduate training schemes and professional apprenticeships based on the following criteria:

  • Eligibility for free school meals/pupil premium
  • Attendance of state school
  • Attendance of non-selective state school
  • Postcode during secondary education – targetting postcode Cold Spots for social mobility
  • Attendance at schools with lower levels of attainment
  • Attendance at schools with lower progression rates to further/higher education
  • First generation of the family to attend university or professional apprenticeship schemes
  • Attendance at non-Russell Group universities
Transformative Professional Skills Training for All

The ultimate goal is for all places to be free to students through sponsored, sector-based Bootcamps… but every journey begins with the first step in the right direction, and offering free places to 1 in every 4 students is the step that we have committed to take.

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