Increasing graduate employability

We are a British company who operate globally to provide universities with a unique opportunity to support their students and increase their university world ranking position in the two vital areas of Graduate Employability and Internationalisation.

We are also able to visit your university and deliver a Two-Day Workshop for your students to give them valuable training on how to become more employable. The introductory workshop programme provides professional work-readiness skills relevant to all sectors, from engineering and pharmacology to law, accounting and banking.

The innovative full-immersion experience is written with input from employers, blue-chip corporate trainers and outstanding industry professionals from some of the world’s leading companies.

The Bootcamp includes our unique Inter-Cultural Communication Training Module. This is another part of the programme specifically designed to provide real-world commercial experience of communicating effectively with other business cultures.

Summer Training Camp in the UK

The full two-week Professional Bootcamp in the UK is offered as an optional summer programme, providing excellent practical preparation for working life to make any CV stand-out. Your students can travel to London this summer and receive amazing training that will provide great marketing opportunities.

Students meet seasoned professionals, including prospective employers, under commercial test conditions and have the opportunity to showcase their personal qualities, initiative and professional strengths.

You can also sponsor a student to experience 2-Weeks of International Employment Training in London this summer.

News: The Graduate Gateway signs deal with the Arab Association of Universities

The Graduate Gateway is delighted to announce that we are now working in partnership with the Arab Association of Universities.

The Agreement was signed by the General Secretary of the AArU, Dr Sultan Abu Orabi, at their Annual Conference in Lebanon in April. During the conference our Chief Executive, Ashley Musgrave, was honoured to launch the Professional Skills Bootcamp for the 22 member countries of the Arab Association of Universities.




  • Students undertake very challenging real-world challenges that will give them memorable, stand-out experiences of applying practical working skills in the professional environment
  • Students receive priceless insider information on how ‘arrive, survive and thrive’ in demanding professional environments
  • This unique training programme matches the agenda of almost all national governments and provides another way for participating universities to meet these national priorities, whilst maintaining the academic integrity of the higher education mission.
  • Learning on the course is tested by a rigorous professional assessment including real-world challenges in which candidates must demonstrate their skills and present to cross-industry panels including professionals from major corporations.
  • Students who successfully complete the full two-week course are entered on to an exclusive live international recruitment database available to graduate employers across sectors
  • Successful completion of the programme, including passing the rigorous final assessment, provides students with hard evidence that they have experienced, survived and succeeded in demonstrating the skills and character qualities most valued by employers in the professional workplace.
  • We give students give the professional skills and real-world experience to be able to genuinely standout at interview.
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